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Chapter Meeting Ideas & Concepts

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There are many ways to teach missions, encourage boys to come and continue to come, and have an open door for the boys in the neighborhood to come. The important thing to remember is to follow the leadership of God, then follow the leadership of the church. In this section you will find ideas and concepts that will help maximize the full pontential of the ministry of missions for you and your boys in your church. What is shared isn't from a professional point of view, but from personal experience. Remember, seek out the policies and advise from the the church (and reliable sources if need be) before concidering what to do next.

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Ideas Concepts

Here are some ideas and suggestions that can be used to change the room lay-out to make a difference to the chapter meetings.

It's Our Chapter Meeting

Doing chapter meetings outdoors may not be something you've ever tried. But it's an idea you may want to try with a few adjustments you may have to make to taylor it to meet the needs for your chapter meetings and church.

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