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History of Archery Basics
Glossary of Terms Equipment
Biblical References to Archery Scoring
Spiritual Applications to Archery

Outdoor Games
Outdoor Team Games
Low Organized Team Games
Low Organized Team Games with Equipment

The Campcraft Tool Box

Campcraft Outdoor Living Skills in PDF Format
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(Click on each of these sections for help and finding information in the Campcraft PDF files.)

(The Appendix has the checklist for R.A.'s, Challenger, and Adult campcraft skills)

Checklists for Campcraft Patches
(Web Page Format)
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Discoverer 1

(1st Grade)

image cmp_dis2.gif (8766 bytes)
Discoverer 2

(2nd Grade)

image cmp_dis3.gif (8766 bytes)
Discoverer 3

(3rd Grade)

image cmp_hiker.gif (8766 bytes)

(4th Grade)

image cmp_camper.gif (8766 bytes)
(5th Grade)

image cmp_woodsman.gif (8766 bytes)
(6th Grade)
(Feel free to print any or all of these check lists to use for your records
and show your boys what they have done as they complete their requirements.)

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