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    * Tools of the Trade
    * Tricks of the Trade
    * In a Pinch
    * Fix or Fix Not
    * Royal Ambassador Planner
    Budgets, Chapter Meeting Worksheets, Calendar, Medical Forms,
    Permission Slips, Etc.(In Excel,Word, and HTML Format)
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    * Leader's and Adult's Devotion
    * R.A. Leaders in the "Spotlight"
    * Answering the E-mail
    * How the Program Works
    * As a Matter of Fact

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Organizer and Helper

(This section will be moving into "Leader's Shop and Talk
Royal Ambassador Planner")
-- Five Part Chapter Meeting --
What is the Chapter Meeting?
Chapter Meeting Worksheet
R.A. Budget Worksheet
Activity Medical Form
Activity Permission Slip

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R.A. Pledge Membership

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Lads and Crusaders