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Florida Royal Ambassador Extras

Royal Ambassador Council Fire (Florida Extra)
This is a ceremony used as a "Time of Decision" for all RAs during a campout, overnight backpacking trip, or any other time with the boys in the woods after a devotion time around a camp fire.

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RA Council Bon Fire Guidelines.
All About Patches Booklet
This is a nine page booklet showing patches that can be earned for the R.A.leaders and their boys that is unique to Florida. Also, you will find in this booklet patches and other awards that is offered for all Royal Ambassador programs nationwide from the WMU headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama, also.

Click here for RA Patch info

Maguire State Mission Study (Florida only): 
This Florida Patch is presented to boys who participate in the Maguire State Mission Study. The leader may require boys to complete all the activities of the individual Mission Study. This patch may be ordered from our State office, WMM Dept. at 800-226-8584, ext. 3141.
RA Field Day (Florida Only)
RA Field Day is for RA leaders and their boys in RAs in Grades 1-6 to have fun and learn about missions finding out how the message of Christ is carried around the world. There's opportunities for RAs to meet missionaries and ask questions about what the missionaries do in the mission field. Activities such as RA Racers, obstacle courses, outdoor sports, and field games for the boys and possibly their leaders to enjoy. Also, there will be mini training sessions for the leaders on quick and informative updates, How to do a RA Chapter Meeting, RA Trek, How to Plan Interest Activities, or any other topics on the RA program.
For more information contact WMM Dept. at 800-226-8584, ext. 3141.
Map of Florida Baptist Agencies, Associations, and Institutions R4C2
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Come and join us on Facebook. There are photos of past events and information on upcoming events. (
Let us know your comments, suggestions, or ideas. Find out what is going on with the Florida Royal Ambassadors.

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Florida RA Racer Rules:

Here are the updated rules for the RA Racers and RA Racer Derby(s)sponsored by the Florida Baptist Convention. These rules are to promote a Christ-like atmosphere for the benefit of all and for the witness and for the promotion of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Feel free to use these rules at your church as a guideline for your RA Racer Derby. Enjoy and have fun!!!

If you have any questions about the rules please contact the RA Mission Education Team.

Click here for the Updated Florida RA Racer Rules.
Go Outdoors! Ministries
Go Outdoors Ministries is a ministry Lenny and Lisa Williams assists children and youth ministries of Southern Baptist Churches in Florida. They provide outdoor events for Royal Ambassadors, Girls in Action, Challengers, Acteens, Awanas, Children in Action, and children and youth ministries that are looking for that extra event that's for the outdoors. For more information click on the PDF icon to the right.
To visit their web site go to

Click here for more info.

2022 Royal Ambassador State Events
(A Ministry of the Women's Missions and Ministries)

*Royal Ambassador Campout-- This a Regional event for boys and their leaders in Royal Ambassadors. This field day will include sports, fun activities, missions, missionaries, and other areas of interest for men and boys.

On Friday here will be camping out, a short presentation on the American Flag and a Flag Retirement Ceremony. Later on Friday night, we will have camp fire ceremony and devotion time in the seperate groups. Saturday morning after breakfast there will be an "Opening Ceremony" that will start the events on Saturday.
The events will be Campcraft, Sports and Field events, Archery, Missions Activity, and a Disaster Relief Kiosk to learn about what is going on in the area. During these events there will be short training time on interest activities and other topics related to the Royal Ambassador program while the planned activities for the boy are in progress. Each training session for adult participation is limited so that adult supervision for the boys participating in the activities won't be compromised. Each adult interested will have an opportunity to participate in a training session during RA Field Day.

Regional Events
Royal Ambassador training at your church-- A member of the Royal Ambassador Mission Team will come and provide the neccessary training to help leader(s) start Royal Ambassadors at your church. Leadership materials, student materials, valuable information, and a live training session is included. This training session at your church will help meet the needs of willing adults to become leaders to teacn boys about missions at home and around the world through the Royal Ambassador program.

For more information, call the Florida Baptist Convention at 800-226-8584 ext. 3141. Training will be scheduled at the request of the church.

Royal Ambassador Motto
"We are Ambassadors for Christ..."

2 Corinthians 5:20
Lad Motto
Learn And Do in Jessus Name
Crusader Motto
Help Others in Jesus' Name

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